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‘Like’ the rest of the INTERNET for decade’s have periodically spent fair bit time convincing you of the importance of questioning online reviews for your piece of mind and pleasure. Let’s just figure you’re sold on the benefit of having a bunch of plum’s tout how awesome there product is on the web BLAH ! BLAH ! BLAH !.

The only way that you can be 100% straight on a product your interested in is to ‘Test Drive’ it for your self the thing that bugs me sometimes when doing a review of an ‘Affiliate Product’ review you get a splash page that comes up and 90% of the time it’s a man or maybe a woman standing outside a millionaire’s mansion.

Alarm bells sound in your head ‘Oh Yeah’ does this mansion really belong to this man 99.9% of the time NO!!! they are outside a hotel or something or hired house.

You also tell with these sales video’s TELE-PROMPTER there reading a script just to con you into thinking there MEGA-RICH. 

In reality there not they show all fake screen shots of affiliate earnings they have made YES thats by flogging 2 BIT rubbish systems that are outdated to people like you and me irritating.

So, how important are online reviews to consumers I think ‘VERY’ as many more Internet GURU’s try to convince you to part with your hard earned cash in the back pocket, Let’s jump into some of the most interesting do’s & dont’s to learn why consumers are relying more on online reviews

Need Quality Online Reviews

Here is just a snippet of what I feel is an average review from ‘Youtube’


 Video Wave Review (Page 1 Video Rankings)

Yes this would be SPAMMING if you posted this on social media sites and didn’t have the permissions of the video owner that would also depend on how much exposure they wanted.

Video reviews are one of the best ways to get you website shown to the masses but you have to therefore have content on your site that is relevant to the video or GOOGLE DON’T like you…